The Chevrolet Equinox has a long history of dominating the SUV market. Since 2005, consumers have gotten behind the wheel of Equinox models for their affordability, comfortable interiors and cutting-edge safety features. Whether you need a dependable vehicle for commuting or something that can seat the entire family, a Chevy Equinox is an excellent choice.

There's a reason why Chevrolet continues to produce Equinox models today — consumers keep buying the vehicles since they're built to serve for the long haul. There are three generations of the Equinox, and each is different in aesthetics and capabilities. Here's what you need to know about potential problems to look for.

Is the Chevy Equinox a Reliable SUV?

Chevy Equinox models are praised by drivers and review sources alike, including J.D. Power. The Equinox has been on the market for over 15 years, so there has been some fluctuation in review scores. However, most years earn a score that's above average compared to other vehicles in the same class.

The 2023 Chevy Equinox received an overall J.D. Power rating of 85 out of 100. Even better, the review site gave a 90 out of 100 in the quality and reliability sector. This line of SUVs is one of the most economical and sturdy options you can select for your needs. All Equinox trims hold their resale value well and offer an unmatched behind-the-wheel experience.

Frequent Problems With Chevy Equinox Models

No vehicle on the market is problem-free. While the Equinox is well-designed, the need for repairs is inevitable. No matter if you drive a first- (2005-2009), second- (2010-2017) or third-generation (2018-present) Equinox, here are potential issues you could see.

1. False Alarm From Check Engine Light

A check engine light can throw you off guard. This is especially true when your Equinox is up to date on service.

One of the most bothersome Chevy Equinox issues involves the instrument cluster showing a check engine light when nothing is wrong. Early third-generation Equinox models are prone to this problem, and when you scan for diagnostics, you'll receive the P25A9 OBD-II code.

This code signifies an issue with engine internals. Fortunately, resolving the faulty check engine light is a quick and inexpensive fix. Replace the stock engine control unit (ECU) to eliminate the glowing dash symbol.

2. Air Conditioning Compressor Stops Working

You rely on the AC and heating systems to stay comfortable in your Chevy Equinox. If your Equinox belongs to the second-generation series, you could see problems with the A/C compressor.

Key warning signs you're due for A/C service include vents blowing warm air and your Equinox leaking freon, with puddles forming underneath your SUV.

When you're tired of sweating inside your Chevy Equinox, changing out the A/C compressor is a viable solution. You may be able to fix the issue temporarily by powering off the A/C system and turning it back on, but a new compressor is a more proactive approach.

3. Battery Issues

Another common Chevrolet Equinox problem affecting mostly second-generation vehicles is battery drainage. The 2015 Equinox models are known for their stock batteries that can leave you stuck in cold weather. Sometimes a jump can get you back up and running, but this gets old quickly.

It is recommended to get a new battery for your Chevy Equinox the moment something seems off. You may also want to investigate the alternator in case you find your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) radio and USB charging ports unresponsive — another issue with this generation.

4. Quick Oil Consumption Rates and Leaks

Chevy Equinox models feature four-cylinder engines. The technology works well for this size SUV, but there is a limitation to Chevrolet designs. Four-cylinder engine builds tend to consume oil much faster than less powerful options on the market.

Equinox models were designed to consume under a quart of oil for every 2,000 miles driven. Surprisingly, you could find your vehicle burning up multiple quarts of oil monthly. Check oil levels and monitor areas like engine valve seals where oil can become contaminated or leak. Faulty valve seals result in your SUV guzzling more oil than necessary, so replace the main seals when leaks originate here.

5. Cracked Wheel Wells

Chevrolet included fiberboard wheel wells that deteriorate quickly on the 2020 Equinox SUVs. If you live somewhere cold, ice is known to accumulate on these wheel well materials that were a cost-cutting measure for Chevrolet. The only option to get the ice off is to scrape it away or wait until the weather warms up.

Wheel wells that crack are eyesores. See what you can do to upgrade wheel wells and surrounding surfaces using stronger solutions than what came on your vehicle. Chevrolet has yet to fix wheel well problems or send out recalls to consumers, so you must take it upon yourself to reinforce this area of your vehicle.

6. Weak Gas Caps

The gas cap on your Chevy Equinox does more than keep contaminants out of your fuel supply. The small accessory communicates with your vehicle's computer and stops harmful pollutants from escaping through the fuel filler neck. Equinox models are famous for having weak gas caps that crack in cold temperatures. When this happens, your instrument cluster triggers a check engine light.

A broken gas cap will likely result in an EVAP code and a strong gasoline smell outside your vehicle. Pay attention to signs that your gas cap is deteriorating, like cracks on the assembly itself or seals that are peeling away. Adding a new gas cap to your Equinox will help protect the environment and save you from error codes.

7. Brake Pad Problems

There have been reports of Chevy Equinox models wearing down brake pads faster than normal. Models from the most recent third-generation series could potentially have brake pads that rub against rotors when the brake pedal is disengaged. This issue causes premature wear and tear. It's a rare problem noticed with select 2022 vehicles, but it's worth mentioning.

Newer SUVs could still be under warranty depending on how soon after buying your Equinox you notice the problem. You can correct the issue yourself with a new set of brake pads for your daily driver.

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