Completing vehicle maintenance is a crucial part of owning a car, truck or SUV. Drivers are often required to change out components so that systems operate as intended by the manufacturer. One installation that some people forget about is the cabin air filter.

What Is a Cabin Air Filter?

A cabin air filter is responsible for catching dirt, mold particles, debris and contaminants traveling through your heating and air conditioning system. On most vehicles, you'll find the cabin air filter behind the glove compartment. A cabin air filter can clog over time, so replacing the installation is better than cleaning it.

Cabin Air Filter Lifespan

The life cycle of your cabin air filter changes depending on how often you run your heating and air conditioning system. Drivers should expect to change their installation out every 30,000 miles. Read your owner's manual to determine if you should replace your car, truck or SUV's filter sooner.

You might check the filter's condition every 15,000 miles to verify the device is still performing correctly.

When to Replace a Cabin Air Filter

It's easy to tell when you're in the market for a replacement cabin air filter. Aside from mileage, you'll know you're ready for an updated filter based on the following warning signs:

  • Musty smells or outdoor scents enter the cabin.
  • There is a lack of airflow when you activate the heat or air conditioning.
  • Pollen or dust covers your dashboard surfaces.
  • You hear a whistling sound coming from dash vents.

Changing Out Your Cabin Air Filter

Replacing a cabin air filter yourself can save you a great deal of money. You'll need to know your vehicle's make, model and year to find a compatible cabin air filter for your ride. Use the steps below to change out your old installation:

  1. Open your glove box and empty your belongings.
  2. Look for screws to lower your glove box door.
  3. Remove the screws and gently lower the door.
  4. Take the cabin air filter cover off with your fingers.
  5. Slide your old filter out and change it for the new one.
  6. Replace the cover and reinstall your glove box hardware.

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