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The GEARS program was made for people just like you!

A new place to come and share stories of your project car, recent repair, or even just your daily driver. 


Every GEARS member automatically gets 5% off all purchases on


GEARS Members receive access to special email offers through the GEARSLETTER. This includes special promotions on featured brands and products, seasonal offers, and GEARS ONLY sales. 



GEARS is a way for people from everywhere to showcase their auto story with thousands of other automotive do-it-yourself-minded people. 

Whether it be a repair job or finished detailing of your car, cool shots of your ride at a local meet, or exciting progress of a project vehicle, GEARS is a place for you to tell your story.

Have fun sharing your photos and stories with the GEARS community!


Each month someone will be picked to become a Featured GEARS Member! 

On top of being featured on the front page, featured GEARS will receive a small prize package or discounts!

With this program still being new, the Featured GEAR will evolve with the GEARS as a whole.


Each one of our GEARS receives 5% off all purchases on Additionally, signing up to be a GEARS member will land you on the GEARSLETTER list. 

From time to time we will have ongoing deals exclusive to GEARS members. 

Being a GEARS Member gets you access to member only deals through our monthly GEARSLetter and save 5% on every order! 

This email will be used to contact you with updates to the GEARS Program!

Share your story with us and the GEARS community. Tell us an auto story, your latest repair, or a fun fact about your car. Each month we choose a random member to be featured on ShopTalk!

Your story will be anonymized for privacy purposes.
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The post itself will be your picture and story anonymized using only your first name and last initial.

A Note from the Developer: The GEARS Membership is very much a growing aspect of We created it as a way to try and give back to the many people who have used our site to support the various projects over the last 10 years. With that being said, we want to make it so that signing up is not the end, but the start of a new dialogue between us and our customers. We strive to make the best place to find deals on auto parts on the internet. The GEARS membership program is just another part of our dedication to growing our site and trying to offer our customers the best experience that we can. 

If you have questions, tips, ideas, comments, or concerns, send us an email at gears(@)