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Return Policy

We geared our Returns process to provide you with a no-hassle experience in case any issue with your order should arise. That is also why we provide all of our customers with a Prepaid Return Label for all returns. Simply contact us and we'll walk you through the process of returning an order step-by-step.

  • Returns of new merchandise for a refund will be allowed only within 30 calendar days from the date of delivery.
  • We must issue a Prepaid Return Label before any returns can be made. We may reject any return made without our Prepaid Return Label.
  • All returns must be shipped within 14 days from the issuance of a Prepaid Return Label, to the address provided on the label.
  • Please affix your Prepaid Return Label carefully on the outside of the returning package.
  • All new return merchandise must be unused and in its original salable packaging.
  • Shipping charges from the original order are non refundable, unless the issue was determined to be caused by StockWise Auto.
  • Issuance of a Prepaid Return Label does not imply guarante of a replacement or refund, but only that we will receive and inspect returned merchandise based for the reason you provided.
  • No returns on new merchandise that show any sign of having been installed, mounted, scratched, or defaced will be allowed.
  • No returns on defective merchandise that show any sign of having been scratched, or defaced will be allowed.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer/installer to verify the correctness of size and application of the parts before installation. We cannot be held responsible for parts ordered for the wrong application.
  • If a correct part is ordered, but shipped incorrect, we will make all efforts to make good at no extra charge.
  • All approved refunds will be issued to the account of origin from the payment method selected during checkout.
  • Refunds are issued after a return is delivered and processed by the returns department at the correct facility. Typical lead time for processing of returns at the warehouse is 2-10 business days.


How do I return an item?

In order to properly process and expedite your return, please follow these instructions:

  1. Email us by either replying to the Order Confirmation email, using our Contact Us form or call and leave a detailed message describing the details and nature of your return. Our phone number can be found by using the "Contact Us" link found at the top and bottom of each page. (To the right of a small Telephone Icon) Please be ready with your StockWise Auto Order Number and reason for return. You will find your order number throughout many of the emails sent from StockWise Auto.
  2. StockWise Auto will issue you an RA (Return Authorization) number and a Return Label to print. Please make sure this number is on the outside of the package and on any printed copy of your invoice or email dialog with our team regarding your return. The return label will also contain the correct RA number and the correct return address to be used.
  3. Please pack all items in their original manufacturer's packaging with all including the instructions, tags, etc. All returns need to include original packaging and all related hardware. Please return only items that have not been installed. Please do not ship the item in the original retail box, unless designed for the stresses of shipping. Otherwise, re-pack your return in a sturdy shipping carton using indestructible packing tape.
  4. Any product shipped back to StockWise Auto without previous authorization will be refused, where any lost shipping charges will not be the responsibility of StockWise Auto. Return shipping paid by StockWise Auto for refused packages will be held from your returns refund.
  5. Send your return to the warehouse address we provided you when the RA was issued. We may have you send your return back to the factory or alternate warehouse depending on the product.
  6. Once shipped, provide our team with an update on the tracking number for your return shipment. This will be used to keep track of your inbound return and will aid in any attempt to determine the whereabouts / stage of your return.

StockWise Auto cannot be responsible for the returned items until we or our agents (factory or warehouses) have signed for the packages.

  • You are responsible for return shipping charges.
  • StockWise Auto also cannot be held responsible for any items lost or damaged in shipping.
  • Please allow the usual banking time of 3 - 5 business days for refunds to appear on your credit card statement. Funds provided by us through PayPal will be available right away after issuance, where an account may be needed to claim and withdraw.
  • For an important Note about Core Returns, please see our Defects & Warranty Policy below.


Core Return Policy

If you have purchased an item that contains a core and would like to return it for a refund of your core deposit, please contact our Customer Service team for a free return label. Once your core has been processed and your core has been refunded, the core will enter a recycling stream and will become unrecoverable. This means in the case of any future warranty claim you are only eligible for the sold items original value, not including any core deposit. We are unable to refund the core deposit twice, and we are unable to recover your specific core from a recycling stream.


You sent me the wrong item!

Please contact us immediately regarding any mistakes on your order. We need to hear about problems within seven days of order receipt. It also helps us to maintain accurate inventory for all our customers.

Our Mistake:

You gave us a correct part number and we made a mistake:

  • If an item is missing, make sure and finish checking your order before contacting us. Inspect packing materials carefully for smaller items. It is easy for small items to get wrapped up in the packing material.
  • It might be possible that items you ordered are being shipped from multiple locations. Please check all tracking information provided by us through emails or in your account history.
  • Let us know which item(s) you received incorrectly or were missing. We will go over the situation with you carefully.
  • We will find the simplest, fastest way to resolve our mistake. We will reimburse return ground shipping on any mis-shipped items found to be at the fault of StockWise Auto. We want this to be corrected as simply as possible.

Your Mistake:

You placed your order using an incorrect part number(s), or perhaps you just decided it wasn't what you wanted:

  • Contact us right away. Let us know the Order number and StockWise Auto part number(s) in question.
  • We may be able to cancel, but due to the fact that we are geared for a speedy delivery it may already be too late for order cancellation.
  • StockWise Auto will issue an RA (Return Authorization) number. Return the product, following the instructions above using your choice of courier. We recommend a courier that offers tracking and insurance.


Defects & Warranty Policy

At times there will be products that fail due to a Manufacturer Defect. StockWise Auto honors all warranties provided by the individual manufacturers, while offering our customers the ability to extend defect coverage for up to one year after purchase. Generally, warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship. Damage from normal wear and tear, abuse, installation errors, tuning problems, or issues caused by other equipment failure is not covered. Labor for installation or replacement of items are not covered under any warranty.

Contact us prior to making any attempt of replacing or returning a defect item you feel may be under warranty, as a Return Authorization is needed as described in the return instructions above.

Prepaid Shipping will be provided at time of Return Authorization by StockWise Auto.

StockWise Auto only offers exchanges for defective items. If a replacement is not available for the defective item originally purchased from us, a refund will be issued upon inspection and approval by the warehouse processing your return. If the replacement of your defective item is time-sensitive, you will be instructed to purchase the identical replacement item (from us) and return the defective item in the original packaging. Upon inspection and approval by the warehouse, a full refund for the new replacement order will be issued. We cannot refund an order that was not placed with StockWise Auto.

Shipment for replacement items will only occur after the warehouse has inspected and approved the return.


How do I make a warranty claim?

To make a warranty claim please follow these steps:

  1. Email StockWise Auto Customer Service by replying to your Order Confirmation or creating a new message, providing us with your order number, part number(s) affected and an explanation of the specific defect.
  2. We will check the Order history to confirm the date the item was purchased and determine if the item is still under the Manufacturers warranty time limit.
  3. If covered and approved, StockWise Auto will assign a Warranty RA (Return Authorization) number and the steps to follow will be as outlined in the return instructions above.
  4. Remember that this is necessary for the Manufacturer to evaluate the damage and determine the best course of action. (Repair / Replace / Return).


Shipping Policy


Where is my delivery?

If your tracking indicates that your package has been delivered, but you are unable to find it, do not worry...we are here to help! We will first ask you to check with your neighbors as often, neighbors or other members of a household grab or move the package. Also, we ask that you, please double-check the surrounding areas where a courier might leave a package out of plain sight as they are trained to do this in certain situations for security.

If you are still unable to locate your shipment, we will work with the shipping courier on your behalf to start a trace on your package. If the package is yet to be found by the time the results of the trace are available, we will provide you with a replacement. Lost packages are not eligible for refunds.


My order was damaged in shipment.

All items that are shipped out from StockWise Auto are in new and unused condition. If a package is delivered to you in damaged condition, you have the option of refusing delivery of a package with obvious damage. If you do receive a damaged package, please contact StockWise Auto Customer Service immediately. We will contact the Delivery Courier and file a damage claim. StockWise Auto will arrange for the Courier to pick up the damaged package. Do save all boxes and packing material for inspection by the Courier. Once a damage claim is made and accepted by the courier, a claim number is generated. At that time StockWise Auto will work on re-processing the order for the lost or damaged items.

Please contact us when you need assistance in resolving a damage claim. We want this to be as painless as possible. These situations do happen and we are experienced in resolving damage claims.


International Shipping

StockWise Auto only ships to the lower 48 contiguous United States. If you placed an order through PayPal and have not provided a US based address, we will contact you in order to obtain one so that you order may ship. Otherwise, all orders placed with a shipping address outside of the US, without correspondence, will be cancelled.


How To Contact Us

Should you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here!