The DeLorean, most famously known for being the car from the future in the infamous Back to the Future franchise, is set to hit the market again for the first time since 1983 later this year. If you’ve been waiting for a Cyberpunk EV to live out your futuristic dreams, this could be the car for you.

A Flash in the pan gone pop-culture icon

DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) had its first concept in 1976, designed by founder John DeLorean. The DMC-12 was the most futuristic car that decade had seen with its sleek design and gull-wing doors, anticipating its release. DMC-12 debuted in 1981 and was to be sold for $12,000 but hit the market, doubling in price to $25,000 with models upwards of $50,000. The DMC-12 sold from its release in 1981 until 1983 due to the DeLorean Motor Company filing for bankruptcy and lackluster sales. After that, DMC never saw another car produced, making the infamous 9,000 DMC-12’s the most iconic and sought-after collector's item.

Where DeLorean is today

Texas entrepreneur Stephen Wynne is the current owner of DMC, which is not affiliated with the original company but is the largest manufacturer of all current-day parts for existing DeLorean cars in Texas.

Throughout the years, the newly established DeLorean Motor Company has debuted several concept cars, including Alpha, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Alpha 4, and Alpha 5. However, not one of these has made it to production or market until now. The Alpha 5, also known as the Delorean EVolved, is set to have a global debut in August 2022 at the Pebble Beach Concours d ‘Elegance Award ramp with eligibility for preorder.

The DeLorean EVolved is a luxury sports car with an electric powertrain, which takes the company completely electric, along with stating they will abandon future production of any gas-operated vehicles. Alpha5 is said to have many futuristic features, gull-wing doors, four-passenger accommodation, and a sleek futuristic look. DeLorean has released some additional estimated specs listed below.



4.35 SEC*


2.99 SEC*


155 MPH*


300 +MI*


100 +kWh*


0.23 Cd*

DeLorean's History of Futuristic Concepts

As the Alpha 5 is set to debut and hit the market, how does it compare to past concepts? First, let's dive deeper into the previous concept models by DeLorean.

1981: Alpha, also known as DMC-24, Project 831/1, or DMC200, started to come to life before the company's downfall, undergoing testing and even producing a show car. But, unfortunately, this car never saw the market.

1993 -1996: Alpha2 represented a complete departure from the iconic DeLorean design, a vision of the future, utilizing technological advances at their disposal. As they approached the end of the decade, we saw cars advancing with technologies thought to be unachievable, so DMC decided to set sights on the new millennium.

2003-2006: Alpha3 focused on aero-technologies, new material alternatives, and the EV design. DMC focused on bringing the original DMC-12 designs through and moving into the modern day with design. In addition, they wanted to hone in on "What it meant for a vehicle to be a DeLorean." This concept was never to be mass produced.

2010-2013: Alpha4 concept was an SUV powered by hydrogen as the company had spent the previous decade exploring new energy sources. Although this design debuted after the recession, this concept entered the market as the auto industry saw the SUV's fastest growing auto design and market.

2020-2022: Alpha5 marked the birth of DeLorean Motor Company Inc, a brand evolution 40 years in the making. Hopefully, this will be the first DeLorean concept since 1981 to hit the open market and be available for purchase.

Going through all these concepts, it's clear that DeLorean has always been a car ahead of its time, forward-thinking, and always sleek in design. Until the DeLorean EVolved debuts later this month, we won't know all of the details for the reenvisioned car from the past, but an online waitlist is available on their website for all the information.

I am hopeful the Alpha5 will make it to the market for purchase and be within a reasonable price range for a wide range of consumer eligibility. I think that the DeLorean EVolved has the opportunity to compare to top EV companies like Tesla. At this point, I am unsure if they will provide their own charging stations, but I think we all have been waiting for an excellent competitive power station. As vehicle production moves forward with improvements in technology and design, it is exciting to see new (and old) companies coming to the forefront of EVs and innovating with their concepts for the future of the automotive industry.