The 2022 Ford Lightning is Ford’s very first electric truck to hit the road. After the long-awaited arrival, the truck is everything you could imagine and more. We take a first-hand look at what this truck offers and test drive for the whole experience. Let’s dive in.

In Cab Features:

Stow-away shifter: With the push of a button, the gear shifter can be stowed away, providing a completely flat and level work service.

Storage: The rear seats double as easy access storage that is secure and convenient.

Seating: The Lightning provides enough leg, arm, and shoulder space that even the longest trips are comfortable. You can sit up to 5 people and even 3 car seats comfortably.

Display: Complete with a 12-15in touchscreen with the latest technology, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, in-car navigation, and the ability to have a hotspot. Along with that, you can utilize this display to get a 360 view around your truck.

Ford Co-Pilot 360:

Ford Bluecruise: This technology allows you the ability to have hands-free driving by having a front-facing camera that makes sure your eyes stay on the road. This also includes adaptive cruise control and lane assist.

BLIS: Blind Spot Information System with trailer coverage is added insurance when it comes to your truck or trailers blind spot.

Emergency Braking: This feature scans the road ahead and will alert you when a potential collision with a car, person or object is ahead of you. The brakes will apply automatically if you become too close without igniting them yourself.

Auto Headlamps: A built-in sensor detects oncoming vehicles to automatically switch between high and low beams.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist: This feature allows you to have assistance when backing up a trailer. It’s as easy as turning a knob - simply rotate in the direction you want the trailer to go and the pro trailer assis will respond accordingly.
Hill Descent Control: This is similar to cruise control, but is used when you’re going down a steep grade, by using traction control technology with anti-lock brakes to adjust braking pressure to help control slippage and maintain speed.

Active Park Assist 2.0: When engaged, this feature can find a spot, help you parallel park or help with reverse perpendicular spots. You can also utilizie this feature to assist you when leaving a tight parking spot.

Exterior Features:

Tailgate work surface: Put down the tailgate and have a workbench on wheels. The tailgate has various functions, including a non-slip surface that provides you the ability to tightly grip cargo, two concealed clamp pockets that give you the ability to clamp your work surface or tools to the tailgate, an embedded tailgate ruler, and two tie-down/bottle openers with a cup holder to give you a fully functional work surface.

Zone lighting: Zone lighting allows you to continue to work once the sun has gone down. This feature gives you complete 360-illuminated lighting around the truck.

Mega Power Frunk: The frunk allows you to have even more storage, providing water-resistant and high capacity space (up to 400lbs), and gives you 2.4kW of power to four outlets and two USB chargers.

Running Boards: Extended running boards with LED lighting for easier access and illumination for after dark.


Available 320 Miles - 0-60mph - 1,952lb maxim payload - 10,000lb max towing capacity

Torque: The 2022 Ford Lightning has the most torque of any F-150 EVER. It offers 775lb. -ft of nearly instant torque.

Horsepower: The extended-range battery puts out a targeted 563 horsepower. That’s enough to make even the shortest trips a thrill ride.

Acceleration: With the extended-range battery, the lightning can hit 60mph in approximately 4 seconds. Pedal to the metal in full action.

Drive Modes: You can optimize performance by selecting the drive mode for the road condition or terrain on your journey; normal, sport, tow haul, and off-road.


  • Standard Range Battery: Targeted EPA-estimated range of 230 miles.
  • Extended Range: Targeted EPA-estimated range of 300 miles.
  • Intelligent Range: While you drive, your truck learns your driving patterns, factors in the weather, grade, payload, towing weights, and more.

Ford Intelligent Backup Power: Powers out? Don’t fret! The lightning with the extended-range battery allows you to power your home when connected to the 80-amp pro station for three days, or up to ten if the power is properly rationed. Here’s what you need. See below.


Ford Charge Station Pro:

  • Comes with an extended-range battery.
  • Available on all Lightning models.
  • Extended-range full charge in 8 hours (15%-100%.)
  • Required for intelligent backup power.

Mobile Power Cord: (With 240v Connector)

  • Available on all Lightning models
  • Extended-range battery full charge in 20 hours (15%-100%.)
  • Ability to take with you when you travel.

Additional Features:

FordPass App: You can utilize the FordPass app to manage charge status, power reserve limits, system status, start your car, utilize smart hitch, check on board scales and even use it as a keyless key to drive your car.

Final Thoughts

Ford is setting their limits high with their first fully electric, long-ranged electric truck. They are setting up a precedence for themselves by making the experience of going electric easy and giving people the confidence to try something new. Would you buy the Ford Lightning?