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The manual transmission in your vehicle allows you to shift down for more power when necessary, enabling you to handle large and small tasks with ease. Your manual transmission system is made up of a collection of parts from the flywheel to the bearings that keeps in stock to help you keep your manual transmission running smoothly.

Trans Components - Manual

Count on us for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and replacement manual transmission parts needed to care for your ride now and down the road.

Replacement Manual Transmission Parts for Sale

When you take the time to do regular maintenance on your vehicle's manual transmission, you're ensuring that you get the maximum life out of your parts. Squeals and knocking noises when you push in the clutch pedal are signs that your clutch could need replacing, as is a burning smell. Don't take your transmission for granted; if you notice hoses leaking fluid, replace them with premium aftermarket parts from before the loss of fluid causes serious damage to your vehicle. knows that even the best-maintained vehicle has parts fail with no warning. To help you when your vehicle stops working, we stock all the parts you need to keep your manual transmission shifting gears properly no matter if you own a car or truck. Our online catalog allows you to easily search for the exact parts you need to make quick repairs and get back on the road. To help you with this, we offer same-day shipping on most of our orders.

We support car enthusiasts like you by constantly adding the latest manual transmission equipment from Mopar, ACDelco, Timken, Dorman, RhinoPac, ATP, CRP Industries and other well-known names. Start shopping our selections and find what you need to drive your vehicle confidently the next time you commute to work or head out on a long-distance journey.

Locate Aftermarket Manual Transmission Parts With Ease

One of the main reasons customers return to the StockWise Auto site is because of our user-friendly platform for finding and purchasing vehicle parts. When you require OEM or replacement manual transmission components, few companies give you the wide selection of listings and search tools that we do. Discover car manual transmission parts like fittings, hoses and pipes, electrical relays and sensors to fix diverse problems quickly.

To find what you need, use our intuitive drop-down menus to choose an applicable automaker, model name and year. Our site will do the rest of the work for you by presenting manual transmission parts for sale that are compatible with your selection. Customers with all levels of repair experience can pick up the OEM or replacement technology necessary to restore the full function of a manual transmission.

Choose the Exact Manual Transmission Parts You Need

Working on vehicles is something staff members at StockWise Auto do in their free time, and every part in our manual transmission catalog is hand-chosen by our team. If you see a part listed on our site, it's because we have firsthand experience using the technology or have seen it receive excellent reviews in the DIY community.

Shop our options to choose from diverse manual transmission parts for sale, including these top sellers:

Pick up OEM or Replacement Manual Transmission Parts

OEM manual transmission components are in high demand from drivers focusing on authenticity. Our OEM selections are crafted by world-class companies teaming up with automakers to design popular vehicles, so you can think of OEM technology as identical replicas of your car's existing transmission parts. Work with durable selections that are aesthetically the same as what you currently have under the hood and inside the cabin.

You may also want general replacement manual transmission parts to fix up your car, truck or SUV for a lower cost. Third-party brands are involved in the production of replacement technology, meaning that your transmission upgrades will work to OEM specifications but be made with more affordable materials and design elements.

Pros of Buying Manual Transmission Parts From StockWise Auto

At StockWise Auto, we want you to come back for all the repair parts you'll need for as long as you own your car, truck or SUV. We give you a reason to keep coming back to us by offering a shopping experience you'll remember thanks to benefits like the following:

  • Fast fulfillment turnarounds.
  • Helpful component search tools so you can find parts quickly.
  • Some of the most competitive prices in the field.
  • Frequent discounts on orders for members of our GEARS program.
  • Constantly expanding inventory.

Place an Order With StockWise Auto Today

The team at StockWise Auto is always ready to ship you manual transmission components as fast as possible. Most of the offerings you'll find for your vehicle online are available now, and you can verify what we have in stock by reviewing our inventory numbers.

Buy our manual transmission parts for your car, truck or SUV today or contact us for more details about the components we carry.