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Shocks and struts do the same job, essentially, which is absorbing much of the impact from uneven roads, rocks and holes as you travel. Newer vehicles will likely use a combination of both, with shocks in the back of the vehicle and struts up front. When you need to replace a pair of shocks or struts on your vehicle, come to

Suspension Shocks & Struts

Replacement Shocks and Struts for Sale

As part of your suspension system, shocks and struts boost your road handling abilities, aiding you in braking and taking corners. They also dampen vibrations, noise and bumps in your ride. They must be replaced in pairs, either front or back. Find the right replacements for your vehicle at

Across our store, you'll find the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and replacement suspension parts you need for repairs. Whether you drive an older vehicle or are after the latest industry technology, StockWise Auto can help with your efforts by providing you with high-quality components at exceptional prices. 

Keep your vehicle on the road with replacement parts that prevent your vehicle's cabin from bouncing on rough terrains. We have solutions for your favorite cars, trucks and SUVs.

The Best Way to Shop for Shocks and Struts

If your vehicle is driving poorly, there's a chance it's time for new shocks, struts or related components. StockWise Auto saves you from visiting local shops, dealerships and pre-owned sites with all-new products made specifically for your release. Our store supplies OEM and replacement shock absorbers and corresponding suspension strut rods for your driving applications.

StockWise Auto has organized search tools you can use to locate the parts you want. Search our shocks and struts catalog easily when you key your automobile's make, model and year. We take care of the rest by showing you common replacement parts like shock absorber assembly kits, bushings, shock mount plates and suspension strut spacers. Choose a product category to explore your repair options.

Find the Perfect Suspension Parts for Your Ride

With StockWise Auto, you can trust we'll have the suspension parts you need for different types of repairs. Regain control of your vehicle with a growing catalog of shocks and struts. Our offerings can bring your model back to a like-new condition. Some of the most common shock and strut components we supply include:

Get OEM and Replacement Shock Absorbers and Struts

We have a massive inventory of OEM and replacement suspension pieces for your satisfaction. Purchase OEM shock and strut listings from our store for the closest solutions you can get to factory parts. OEM selections will fit on your vehicle without modification and look identical to original installations. Achieve the same level of performance you had when you first purchased your car.

Our replacement shock and strut parts help you restore your car, truck or SUV without emptying your wallet. Purchase OEM-inspired components made by remarkable third-party companies. Only StockWise Auto has industry-leading technology made by ACDelco, Dorman, A1 Cardone and Mopar.

StockWise Auto Helps You Save on Shocks and Struts

The customer is at the center of everything we do. Find discounts up to 60% off our competitors' prices. Your items always ship fast with StockWise Auto, and we get you the most for your hard-earned money with: 

  • 30-day money-back guarantees on shocks and struts.
  • 5% extra discounts for our GEARS members.
  • Shocks and struts in new condition.
  • Products available for current and retired models.

Place Your Order for Our Shocks and Struts Now

StockWise Auto looks forward to shipping you the parts you need for repairs. Enter in details about your ride to start searching thousands of parts for your daily driver, muscle car or pickup. Buy our shocks and struts today. If you have questions, you can contact us for assistance.