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A fully outfitted repair shop or garage requires a variety of general automotive equipment and supplies to be able to handle any type of maintenance, repair or upgrades. Whether you are looking for creepers, shop fans or heaters to increase your comfort or equipment that makes car repairs more efficient and less messy, browse our wide selection of equipment and supplies or search for a certain item that you need to improve the experience of working on your car.

Repairs can be easier to complete when you have the right equipment. Whether you’re looking for an all-purpose assortment set or a variety of funnels and filters, we have options suitable for any garage. Fuel containers and storage and transfer equipment can help to keep your work area clean and safe. Browse our selection of exhaust removal equipment and evaporation system testers to ensure that your vehicle is running clean. Make sure that you are able to maneuver vehicles for repair under any circumstances with our range of towing and tie down products and even lockout tools. Cleaning up can be easy with the right parts washers, pressure washers or hoses.

No matter which equipment or supplies you need to make your repair shop or garage more comfortable and functional, StockWiseAuto.com quickly delivers all the parts you need. Shop with confidence and know that you can rely on our low prices and 30-day money back guarantee.