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Dents, dings and scratches are common damage types in our modern busy world. Drivers fling their doors open, shopping carts bounce into car doors, and careless drivers rebound their cars off your helpless bumper. Whether you need fiberglass resins, body filler or top of the line putties, we have you covered here at

No one wants to find a dent in their car’s shiny surface. It can ruin your whole day, so we have a solution here at We carry everything you need to patch, repair, and maintain your car’s surface integrity. Looking for sprayable fillers or fiberglass sheets? We have them. How about spot putty and acid brushes? We have those, too.

You know repairing dents and scratches shortly after they appear prevents rust, paint cracking, and further surface marring. It’s also important to fix hail or storm damage on the hood or trunk of your vehicle. We want to help you find just what you need. Shop with us for the Lowest Prices and Same-Day Shipping on most orders. No matter what you are looking for, our click-and-drop catalog is easy to search and aids you in finding what you need. We also have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, so shop with confidence.