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A perfectly polished, glossy vehicle finish doesn’t happen by accident. Neither does a repair job completed with the appropriate sanding methods or a smooth surface created by coarse sanding. And if you want a paint job that gets plenty of compliments, you need to stock up on the necessary abrasives. Tools such as grinding discs, hook and loop abrasives, dispensers and sheet paper get the job done right whether you are polishing, painting or repairing.

Abrasives are one of the most frequently used automobile products, and for good reason. They add that final luster to your car that makes it presentable to the world. Imagine trying to make a good impression on your boss, in-laws or date in a car that looks rickety.

Whether you want to save money by making repairs yourself or you wish to stretch your creative muscles by tackling your vehicle’s paint job, makes it easy to find the tools you need. It takes mere seconds to enter the abrasives you need in the drop down menu. All of the items under that category including dispensers, sheet paper and grinding discs will display for quick and hassle free shopping. Plus, we offer same-day shipping to ensure your selections arrive promptly. Should you need to return or exchange an item, our 30-day money back guarantee makes doing so a snap.