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When you take to the road in your vehicle, you need your wipers to remove the dirt and debris obstructing your view of the road. The motor is responsible for pushing your wiper blades back and forth. When any of the components in the windshield wiper motor system break down from damage or wear and tear, only a replacement of those parts will do.

Windshield Wiper Motors

Replacement Windshield Wiper Motors and Parts for Sale

Sometimes you'll notice that your wiper blades will squeak and scratch against your windshield, or that they no longer perform in sync. Those are tell-tale signs that something is amiss, and you'll need to replace the defective parts. has a wide array of auto parts for you to keep your vehicle safe and properly maintained for thousands of miles to come.

StockWise Auto offers Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and general replacement windshield wiper motors for repairs. Browse through our collection of parts to determine which products are appropriate for your applications.

Find Windshield Wiper Motors for Specific Vehicles

You need a reliable windshield wiper motor to see during a storm. Aside from inclement weather, these installations enable you to wipe away contaminants like pollen, dust and dirt.

At StockWise Auto, we know drivers have personal preferences for the vehicles they drive. That's why we sell high-quality repair parts for dozens of automakers. Order direct-fit windshield wiper motors and surrounding pieces when you enter details about your vehicle into our search tools. All of our OEM and replacement windshield components are meant to install without performing modifications.

Change out your entire wiper motor assembly or just smaller components like bushings, covers and grommets. Our team has been completing repairs on vehicles for years, so we hand-pick the parts you see online. Get replacement wiper products like:

OEM and Replacement Windshield Wiper Motors Available

When only the best parts on the market will do for your ride, we're here to help you buy OEM and replacement windshield wiper motors online to take repairs into your own hands.

Few suppliers can say they sell genuine OEM parts. These offerings are close replicas of stock parts for your vehicle. Each OEM item comes from the original manufacturer and is constructed with the same materials as your factory parts. Attributes like surface texture, product dimensions and part color are identical when you choose an OEM windshield wiper motor. OEM selections are engineered to perform just like stock installations for years of ownership satisfaction.

Our replacement windshield wiper motor products come from other phenomenal manufacturers in the field. You can purchase original-style parts for a lower price because the pieces come from alternate brands. Whether you choose an OEM or replacement windshield wiper motor, you know your items are ready for installation as soon as you take them out of the shipping box.

StockWise Auto Offers Affordable Pricing on Parts

Our professionals make sure you have the best shopping experience imaginable. First, enter basic information about your vehicle to search through windshield wiper motor options. We'll show you compatible repair solutions for your vehicle with heavy discounts available on select products. Drivers visit our site because we often have automotive parts marked down 60% off the prices you see elsewhere.

Quick shipping, a responsive customer support team and our exclusive GEARS program are just a few more ways we stand out from the competition.

Get Windshield Wiper Motor Repair Parts From Us Online

StockWise Auto is the clear choice for windshield wiper motors and similar repair parts. Our store currently has over 500,000 components for sale and our inventory is always increasing. Thanks to our 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders, you have nothing to lose when buying replacement parts for your vehicle online.

Add your items to the cart and check out with StockWise Auto today. Our experts will respond to questions you have when you fill out a contact form with us online today!