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Astro Pneumatic DS2000 Pneumatic Door Skin Remover

Astro Pneumatic DS2000 Pneumatic Door Skin Remover

Astro Pneumatic
Brand:Astro Pneumatic
Part Number: DS2000
UPC: 0745227011117
Weight: 5 lbs

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Product Information


Astro Pneumatic DS2000 Pneumatic Door Skin Remover - Precision machined aluminum body components, hardened shafts, and ball bearing construction throughout, for long life and maximum durability to provide many years of trouble free service for real world professional use. Forged and hardened steel de-crimping head is specially designed to un-fold the steel flanges of a damaged door skin with a minimum of physical effort. The DS 2000 is manufactured to be very versatile with provisions to reposition the un-crimping head to various angles based on operator preference. A secondary handle which can be installed in either the vertical or horizontal positions adds stability to help keep the tool oriented in the proper position. Powerful pneumatic drive motor with planetary gear reduction reduces the speed and allows for maximum range of motion of the un-crimping head. Design allows tool to maneuver around inner and outer curves as well as most body design features.