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ACDelco 252-1030 Engine Water Pump

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ACDelco 252-1030 Engine Water Pump

Part Number: 252-1030
UPC: 00808709815495
Weight: 1.44 lbs

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Product Information


Get the ACDelco 252-1030 Engine Water Pump for your vehicle. Buy now and secure your purchase online!

An ACDelco Professional, premium aftermarket Engine Water Pump circulates coolant through your vehicle's radiator and engine system to help maintain proper engine temperature and performance. The gaskets, seals, and O-rings packaged with this Professional, premium aftermarket water pump help guarantee that all necessary parts are available for trouble-free installation. ACDelco Professional Water Pumps are a high quality replacement for many vehicles on the road today. This premium aftermarket replacement engine water pump is manufactured to meet your expectations for fit, form, and function. ⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Features and Benefits:

  • All Makes water pumps fit GM vehicles as well as a wide range of non-GM vehicles
  • Cast-iron or aluminum design, depending on vehicle application
  • Coated seals support seal longevity and durability
  • Come with premium, high-quality replacement components needed for trouble-free and accurate installation
  • Heat-treated shaft assemblies provide superior strength and durability over non-treated assemblies
  • High-quality bearings are permanently sealed and lubricated for greater durability and long life
  • Thoroughly tested for reliable, leak-free performance
  • Uniform wall sections and smooth coolant-flow cavities for efficient operation


Fan Clutch Included:
Housing Material:
Hub Height:
2.165 in.
Hub Hole Quantity:
Hub Hole Thread Diameter:
6 mm
Impeller Material:
Impeller Rotation:
Impeller Vane Quantity:
Includes Back Housing:
Informational Chart 1:
Informational Chart 2:
Installation Warnings:
Mounting Hardware Included:
Mounting Hole Quantity:
Outlet Quantity:
Programming Required:
Pulley Included:
Thermostat And Housing Included:
Water Pump Drive Type:
Timing belt

Features and Benefits:

  • – A stain around the weep hole is acceptable. However, if a weep occurs with the engine running and the coolant system pressurized, then the water pump should be replaced.
  • – After installation, pressure-test the system for leaks and check for sufficient fan blade clearance between the blade and radiator shroud.
  • – Clean all excess dirt and debris from the water pump housing.
  • – Clean all sealing surfaces, and make sure all old gasket material is removed before installing your replacement component.
  • – Clean and reinstall the coolant recovery reservoir before flushing the cooling system.
  • – Determine the root cause of failure, particularly if the water pump failed prematurely.
  • – Do not use any non-approved flush agents, and replace the coolant according to manufacturer's specifications.
  • – Ensure that your engine fan pulley (or clutch, if used) is seated properly on the pump's shaft. If the fan wobbles during rotation, vibration resulting in premature bearing wear may occur. Also check the fan clutch for wear and replace as necessary.
  • – Flush the cooling system completely, using power flush equipment or thermal cycling the system with clean water three times. The most effective method of system flushing is to use a coolant exchanger, following the manufacturer's operating instructions.
  • – Flush your cooling system whenever the water pump or other system components are replaced. This will help prevent contamination from entering the system, which may result in repeated failure.
  • – Inspect for leakage at the water pump outlet housing or the rear cover gasket, and leakage at the water pump vent or weep hole.
  • – Inspect related components in the cooling system, including your fan blades, fan clutch, engine mounts, radiator, belts and hoses, and reservoir.
  • – Inspect the fan blade. If damage is not detected, bent blades, loose rivets, and cracks may result in premature bearing failure. If damage is found, do not try to repair the fan-the part should be replaced.
  • – Inspect the thermostat and radiator cap. Examine your thermostat and radiator cap, and replace if they show signs of sticking or leaking.
  • – Never overtighten your drive belts. Belts that are too tight may cause an overload on pump bearings, greatly reducing the life of the water pump.
  • – Never strike the water pump shaft, since this will damage the new water pump.
  • – Run your vehicle to increase engine temperature, and ensure the system is pressurized.
  • – Torque all bolts according to the manufacturer's specifications, and adjust belts to proper tension (if applicable) to manufacturer's specifications.
  • – Use sealant tabs only if recommended. Some sealant tabs or similar compounds may restrict coolant flow through the passages of some cooling systems.
  • – Utilize quality coolant when refilling your cooling system with the recommended 50/50 coolant/water mix. Distilled water should be used, as hard tap water can leave mineral deposits in the cooling system and reduce coolant flow, or result in corrosion and seal damage. Contaminated or depleted coolant can also result in corrosion and seal damage, and lead to pump failure. Take care to select the correct coolant for your vehicle by consulting the vehicle manufacturer's service information.
  • – With the new water pump installed, turn the hub by hand and check for rotation.
  • Tips for Water Pump Inspection:
  • Tips for Water Pump Servicing & Installation:
  • Tips to Help Prevent Water Pump Failure:


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Last Updated: 04/30/2024

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1.6L L4 Gas DOHC

Nissan Versa

1.6L L4 Gas DOHC Gold

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1.6L L4 Gas DOHC

Nissan Versa Note

1.6L L4 Gas DOHC Gold

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