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Established 1989 in Boucherville, Qu├ębec
Known for aftermarket parts engineering
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Spectra Premium began in 1989 and continues to push boundaries within the automotive industry, producing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts for end users worldwide.

They specialize in heat transfer, engine management and under-car components for passenger and commercial applications. 

This company is known for excellence, striving to perfect its designs, technology and manufacturing expertise. OEM and aftermarket consumers will agree that Spectra Premium auto parts are the go-to automotive components they trust to get their repair and restoration jobs done right. 

When you buy Spectra Premium parts online from StockWise Auto, you're enlisting the help of this leading manufacturer's professionals. They're committed to the success of your projects, offering installation guides, technical support professionals and warranties to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

There's nothing better than finding an OEM manufacturer dedicated to your satisfaction. Pair that trust with purchasing from a faithful online supplier like StockWise Auto for the perfect combination. Explore an expansive Spectra Premium Parts catalog to find the components you need. 

Whether you're working on a car, pickup, SUV or even a semi-truck, we can provide the parts you need fit for your Porsche, Volkswagen, Ford, Dodge, Honda or Toyota. 

High-Quality Parts Built to Stand the Test of Time

Spectra Premium uses over 30 years of experience to help automotive professionals and enthusiasts in North America and beyond. This organization is committed to improving consumers' lives, addressing common challenges and working tirelessly to offer reliable, award-winning solutions. 

Their Canadian engineers approach each product with the same level of attention to detail and dedication to creating reliable replacement parts. These experts utilize the highest standard for materials, craft and tooling processes to develop products that are built to last. 

Before dispatching their products from their factories in Canada, Spectra Premium puts each part to the test, ensuring their strength, durability, performance, fit and quality. With Spectra Premium OEM and aftermarket products installed in your vehicles, you can rest assured you'll get the finest performance and longevity to help you make the most of your investment.

Regardless of your repair or vehicle type, you can find an assortment of the finest Spectra Premium Car Parts at StockWise Auto to ensure you have exactly what you need. 

Our Expansive Supply of Spectra Premium Auto Parts

Routine maintenance and timely repair jobs will keep your rides feeling like new, extending their life spans for performance you can count on. You'll need access to well-crafted, dependable parts and equipment to keep your automobiles in pristine shape. Fortunately, Spectra Premium has produced quality components and equipment since 2009, building expertise and an extensive parts catalog. 

At StockWise Auto, we offer a sizable inventory of Spectra Premium auto parts for you. With such an extensive stock, we can give you what you need, whether you're tuning up a smaller Volvo or replacing a busted radiator in your colossal Freightliner. No matter what you're looking for, StockWise Auto will help you find it. We can provide you with Spectra Premium auto parts like: 

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StockWise Auto is proud to be a high-quality Spectra Premium Auto Parts supplier for countless professionals and hobbyists throughout North America. We can't wait to help you. We have one of the biggest catalogs of Spectra Premium parts online, so you'll find everything you need on our site. 

Take your repair process to the next level and place your order at StockWise Auto today. Feel free to contact our team with questions or concerns about our offerings. 

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