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Repairing your vehicle requires durable and highly rated components because the parts you choose affect your final results.

Motorcraft options are outstanding choices for lasting, quality repairs. With StockWise Auto, purchasing Motorcraft products online is a simple way to prolong the life of your car, truck or SUV from your favorite automaker.

Motorcraft makes it possible to finish a repair with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components for an appearance and feel identical to stock parts. Choose vehicle-specific solutions for vehicles that are still in production and automobiles that have been retired for years.

A Short History of Motorcraft

Motorcraft was launched in the 1950s as the official parts brand of the Ford Motor Company. Ford used a different brand — Autolite — for parts for a few years, discontinuing Motorcraft until its revival in 1972. Once the Ford Motor Company started using Motorcraft products again, professionals at Motorcraft would go on to produce automotive parts for Lincoln and Mercury vehicles as well. Some Motorcraft products like oil filters will fit on cars, trucks and SUVs not engineered by Ford for flexibility during repairs.

Decades after its revival, Motorcraft is widely known across the globe for its high-quality products, vigorous testing procedures and exceptional attention to detail. Whether you're looking for parts to rebuild an ignition system or you require something else like fuel pump parts for a project, StockWise Auto shows you the Motorcraft OEM parts that'll make your experience more pleasant.

The experts at StockWise Auto trust Motorcraft, and many of our professionals have first-hand experience repairing our own vehicles with quality selections from this manufacturer. Motorcraft continues to thrive and produce the parts drivers need for the cars you get behind the wheel of most frequently.

Utilize Search Tools for Motorcraft Parts Online

When you're looking for repair parts, compatibility should be at the front of your mind. Finding fitment details before you place an order is essential, so StockWise Auto has you covered with detailed product descriptions for all Motorcraft products.

Searching for the solutions you require for repairs can be done in a few short steps. Check out the listings we sell from this manufacturer once you plug in a vehicle make, model and year on the page. Our site filters your search results according to the answers you choose in drop-down menus. Picking a component category allows you to narrow down product results to a specific type and identify the repair parts ideal for your project in seconds.

New Motorcraft selections appear in our catalog frequently. Choose numerous parts for a repair or restoration job since StockWise Auto is home to hundreds of offerings made by Motorcraft. Some of our most helpful products include engine oil filters, ignition coils, alternators, spark plugs, batteries, fuel pumps, fuel injectors and air conditioning compressors.

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The StockWise Auto site makes fixing up retired and modern vehicles achievable. Click through our collection of Motorcraft components online to take restoration and repair work into your own hands. When you're ready, purchase the Motorcraft solutions you need from our site for shipping to your home or business.