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Completing your own repairs is rewarding and cost-effective if you use high-quality parts from a well-known manufacturer.

The Mopar® brand goes hand-in-hand with desirable repair results. When you need components to fit a Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep or Ram model, few solutions offer the same performance as Mopar's components.

Mopar started by designing replacement parts for daily drivers over 80 years ago. Now, the company is a major player in the repair world, helping vehicle owners keep automobiles on the road. Mopar is responsible for making over 500,000 components to date, and they show no sign of slowing down.

Use Mopar auto parts available from StockWise Auto to ensure your vehicle works as well as it did with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components. We make it possible to repair various interior and exterior systems with a vast catalog of Mopar parts online.

A Brand With an Interesting History

The Mopar brand serves markets across North America. Starting out in 1937, Mopar got its name by combining the words “motor” and “parts” into one creative phrase that appeared on cans of Chrysler-branded antifreeze during the late 1930s.

Mopar started to produce weapons and parts for vehicles in the 1940s — for use in World War II. Professionals behind the brand would eventually expand efforts during the 1950s to make a complete line of automotive parts for Chrysler Group vehicles. By 1953, Mopar operated out of its own facility. The company would move on to add electrical components and glass products to its library over years of perfecting its manufacturing processes.

As a former subsidiary of the Chrysler Corporation (now Stellantis), Mopar has a long history of producing OEM and replacement parts for cars, trucks and SUVs in its eight-decade-long history. The company now offers its own Mopar College Automotive Program to train some of the world's most talented technicians to work on cars.

Experts at the Chrysler Corporation rely on Mopar for parts testing, service and setting customers up with parts that perform to consumer expectations. The brand focuses on creating replacement parts like exhaust manifolds, but the company has branched out into other areas like making performance power steering and brake system parts.

Mopar now creates its own line of custom cars and stays active in the professional motorsports scene today. Individuals typically recognize Mopar as a frequent sponsor of NASCAR and NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series drivers.

The Replacement Mopar Parts You Need From StockWise Auto

Look for Mopar components online in seconds with StockWise Auto. Our site is equipped with the filtering tools necessary to help you find compatible parts for almost any car, truck or SUV. We make it easy to see parts based on their in-stock availability or by category, too.

Hundreds of Mopar solutions are available from StockWise Auto. Many of our experts have used Mopar products for our own repairs, so we can attest to the high level of quality you'll get when you buy direct-fit pieces for your ride. Select your vehicle's make, model and year to get started with your repair.

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