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Airtex was established in the 1930s with a mission to innovate fuel delivery systems and protect vehicle integrity.

For decades, it has been using streamlined manufacturing processes that result in outstanding aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts offering long-term operation. 

Customers worldwide will agree that Airtex products are the go-to when you need to replace or repair any of your fuel delivery components. StockWise Auto offers an assortment of options to help you find the Airtex fuel pumps and additional components you need.

A Pump Manufacturer Known Around the World

Airtex has over 80 years of experience within the automotive industry, supplying consumers with reliable water and fuel pumps and fuel delivery components to aid in cooling and fueling. Global customers depend on Airtex to create high-quality products they can use within various applications, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and heavy trucks.

The company has gained the trust of the world's major OEMs, including Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, John Deere, Saab and more. With four production centers and two development facilities across three continents, Airtex produces more than 10 million water pumps and 2 million fuel pumps annually, distributing them globally. 

Our Airtex Catalog

Airtex focuses on customer satisfaction, striving to give you products you can count on for years to come. While being an established world leader with years of experience, the company also continues to innovate and improve its products to give you auto parts you can rely on. 

StockWise Auto works diligently to keep a complete stock of Airtex fuel pumps you can choose from. Our inventory is overflowing with products with fitment capabilities for popular vehicles from Cadillac, Chevrolet, Lexus, Toyota, Chrysler and Dodge. 

Whether you're retrofitting a classic car with new internal parts or upgrading a customer's daily driver, StockWise Auto can provide you with Airtex parts like: 

StockWise Auto Has What You Need

Whether you run an auto repair shop or are a dedicated automotive hobbyist, finding the parts you need to take care of your auto projects shouldn't be like a game of cat and mouse. 

At StockWise Auto, our professionals work hard to create a platform you can use from the comfort of your home to help you get your hands on the parts you need. We've created an online inventory jam-packed with the newest premium auto parts from the world's best OEM manufacturers, like Airtex. 

Say goodbye to auto shops not having what you need or offering products that don't work with your car, SUV or truck. Our comprehensive catalog utilizes technology to provide transparent stock availability and ensure prices reflect the real-time market, keeping costs accurate and affordable. Along with our precise fitment data, you'll feel confident you're purchasing items we have in stock that will perfectly fit your vehicle. 

At StockWise Auto, we know how important having the right tools for the job is, which is why we're here for you. With a few vital pieces of information, including the make, model, production year and part category, we'll display thousands of options you can choose from. 

Once you've found the right parts, we'll ship them right to your home or storefront, offering the utmost convenience. Plus, if you sign up for our GEARS program, you'll save 5% on all purchases, with additional seasonal offers and special promotions through our newsletter. 

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Ready to start your search for the Airtex fuel pumps you need? StockWise Auto has one of the largest collections of fuel pumps by Airtex, plus additional parts to help you care for any automotive repair or restoration project. We regularly update our site to bring you the latest products and equipment from outstanding companies around the world. 

Check out our expansive inventory to find the Airtex parts and fuel pumps you need. Feel free to reach out to our team online if you have any questions or concerns.