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When your vehicle is due for repair, replacement components that work just as well or better than stock technology are ideal.

It takes time to decide on the right parts for a project, but StockWise Auto simplifies the process with a massive catalog of A1 Cardone auto parts for sale. Take the guesswork out of your repair or restoration work using components that fit on your car, truck or SUV like a glove.

The experts at StockWise Auto are automotive enthusiasts. Many of our employees complete repairs on their own cars, so we can say with confidence that A1 Cardone technology is unmatched. Pick up various A1 Cardone parts from one site to get a jump-start on your next project.

A Long History of Making Superior Auto Parts

If you need to complete brake repairs, consider replacement components from A1 Cardone. This company started out in 1970 under the leadership of Michael Cardone Sr. A1 Cardone set out to be more than another auto parts manufacturer. Michael Cardone and his son engineered new creations and remanufactured parts to see how they could bring vehicles above OEM performance levels. With their efforts, the brand developed a reputation for manufacturing components with improved response and reliability.

Remanufacturing car parts allowed A1 Cardone to reduce costs and lessen its impact on the environment during the early years in business. A1 Cardone was originally based out of North Philadelphia with about six employees — one was Michael Cardone's son. The company quickly grew from remanufacturing windshield wiper motors to taking on more complicated jobs like brake systems. A1 Cardone is now made up of more than 6,000 employees and operates with facilities in parts of Texas, California, Canada and Mexico.

This family-owned business has taken the automotive world by storm, creating a wide range of products to help drivers fix up cars, trucks and SUVs on a budget. Michael Cardone Sr. was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 1994 as a reflection of his hard work. Today, drivers can look forward to using roughly 46,000 parts from the growing brand for repairs of any size.

A1 Cardone continues to manufacture top-quality products for consumers. You can get yours from the StockWise Auto online catalog to support this innovative company celebrating its third generation of family ownership.

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StockWise Auto gives you product filtering tools you can use to shop A1 Cardone auto parts. Limit your search to parts for automobile's make, model and year. You can save time by exploring solutions by component category, seeing only the parts compatible with your vehicle.

Our site is your source for automotive technology from award-winning brands. We add new selections by A1 Cardone to our site consistently — so if we don't have what you're looking for at the moment, check back soon.

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