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Wagner Brake opened up shop in 1891 with its production of a self-starting motor for desk fans.

Over the years, it has focused on expanding its product offerings, becoming the industry leader in brake parts and lighting solutions. This company is committed to producing parts that deliver outstanding performance within passenger-car, medium-duty and commercial applications. 

StockWise offers unparalleled access to outstanding original equipment (OE) and aftermarket parts for the world's most famous auto manufacturers. We offer thousands of Wagner auto parts, helping you find what you require to keep your vehicle running as smoothly as the first day you got it. Discover the products you need at StockWise Auto today. 

Parts Offering Superior Performance

Whether driving beneath a clear sky or dealing with Mother Nature's harshest elements, you deserve the peace of mind of verified performance. For over 100 years, Wagner has been a name that customers around the world know and trust to carry their families through various conditions. 

This company establishes unrivaled quality by using the industry's foremost design strategies and the highest-quality materials within each product. The Wagner team combines cutting-edge technology with proven engineering expertise to exceed OE expectations and set new standards for all products. From Wagner rear brake pads to innovative multipurpose light bulbs, Wagner is a proud supplier of products that protect you no matter where you are.

Wagner Car Parts Available at StockWise Auto

Since 2000, Wagner Brake has offered a comprehensive supply of car parts, including front and rear brake pads, headlights, brake lights, turn signals and more. Engineers work tirelessly to create end-to-end products that meet the needs of every stage of your repair or restoration endeavor. Wagner intentionally manufactures products for different vehicle types, driver ages, driving habits and conditions. 

To help the Wagner team succeed in its mission, StockWise Auto preserves an inventory chock-full of its latest parts and equipment. We offer Wagner brake pads and lightbulbs for various makes and models, including Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Chevrolet, GMC, Plymouth and American Motors. 

Some of the most popular Wagner car parts we keep in stock include: 

Our StockWise Auto Promise

StockWise Auto is dedicated to helping you find the auto products you need for your projects. We stock thousands of auto parts from first-class manufacturers, including Wagner Brake. With countless options and advanced system technology, we make replacing your brakes or light fixtures easier than ever. 

You can search through our catalog for popular options and the latest parts released on the market. Or, you can narrow your results by providing vital information like the make, model and production year of your car, SUV, truck or commercial vehicle. From there, you can select the category of the part you're looking for and filter your search based on the specific product you need. 

At StockWise Auto, we understand how hit-or-miss some auto stores can be. We offer the comprehensive solution you need to tackle any project, using innovative software and tools to keep our site updated with accurate pricing and availability information. This software also provides fitment information, ensuring you're purchasing Wagner brake parts and lights that will work with your vehicle to minimize downtime. 

Once you've found everything, we'll deliver the parts right to your front door, whether you run a mechanic shop or work on passion projects out of your home garage. StockWise Auto can't wait to help you tackle any repair or restoration project that comes your way!

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StockWise Auto maintains an extensive catalog of Wagner brake products and lighting solutions you can count on for years down the line. We'll help you find what you need in no time, giving you access to parts and equipment you won't find anywhere else. 

Explore our inventory and place your order with us today! If you have questions or concerns, contact us online to learn more about our product offerings.