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U. S. Chemical & Plastics 37001-1 Auto Writer, Blue

U. S. Chemical & Plastics 37001-1 Auto Writer, Blue

U.S. Chemical Products
Brand:U.S. Chemical Products
Part Number: 37001-1
Weight: 0.08 lbs

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Product Information


U. S. Chemical & Plastics 37001-1 Auto Writer, Blue - Perfect for versatile applications...Dress up the windshield of your front line with sales messages or use in the service/body shop department for marking repair needs. Doesn't damage the paint of the vehicle! Improves in-shop communications by assigning different colors to each department or individual to identify what has been or needs to be done. Productivity increases, as there is no wasted time finding files or instructions, therefore increasing your profit margins. Facilitates seamless communication in your shop. Writes on steel, glass, aluminum, plastic, wood, rubber, and pallet racking...virtually any surface! Simple to remove with only Windex or water and a cloth. No permanent marking or damage on any cured or non-porous surface. Fast drying ink...a rain-resistant barrier forms after approximately 1/2 hour. Developed specifically for the auto body & refinishing industry Great for marking repairs and estimates

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