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Many types of tape are useful for automotive applications. We stock them all, as well as tape dispensers that make any roll of tape easy to use. Look no further if you are searching for attachment tape, body repair tape, door aperture tape, filament tape or foam tape. We also carry standard tapes with various adhesive strengths including box sealing tape, masking tape and duct tape.

Tapes can be useful for many types of automotive repairs and quick fixes. You might want to use tape to seal gaps and prevent dust or moisture from permeating critical parts. Some automotive tapes including aperture tape and foam tape feature a spongy layer to absorb impact. Most automotive tapes are tougher than their standard adhesive counterparts and are designed to be used on particular parts of your vehicle. Electrical tape made out of flame retardant vinyl is particularly useful for insulating in high heat areas. Filament tape is reinforced for tensile strength and is useful for closure or reinforcing applications.

If you are shopping for a particular kind of tape, use our search function to find an exact brand or type of tape in our inventory. Browsing our catalog by category can also be a useful way to compare different tapes and select the right products for your needs. offers low prices across the board and same-day shipping on many orders.