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Find all of the products you need to make an automotive spray booth safe to use. From booth coatings that are designed to be applied and then peeled off to specialized booth filters and dust control protection materials, we make it easy to order the equipment you need to do custom paint jobs while minimizing the risk to your health or permanent damage to your spray booth.

Automotive spray booths are specialized work areas that require unique protectants and monitors. In addition to clear film, liquid coatings and flame retardant booth paper, we also stock protective materials intended to improve air quality and minimize overspray. If you are looking for a manometer to monitor the restriction of paint arrestors and indicate when you should replace these important components, we carry a trusted brand. We also carry manometer draft gauge oil for downdraft applications. Snap-in grids can help to make it easy to switch out paint arrestor pads when necessary. Complete every part of a paint job in comfort with our wide selection of tail bone creeper seats, bone creepers, and pads.

Browse our catalog or use our refined search tool to find the supplies you need to keep your spray booth in top condition. When you shop at, you know that you can count on our low prices and same-day shipping on most orders.