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Motor oil, grease, and transmission fluid are three lubricants that keep your car running smoothly. They ensure that the thousands of moving parts under the hood continue to move in sync with each other, and prevent rust and corrosion from affecting your vehicle. Motor oil should be changed every few thousand miles and other lubricants need regular upkeep as well. Having the right lubrication equipment enables you to take care of your vehicle so it continues to drive efficiently.

Lubricant tune-ups are some of the easiest automotive jobs that can be done at home, and has all of the equipment that you may need. With funnels, grease guns, pumps, and oilers, you can apply clean lubricants just like the pros. Oil filter removers and oil drains help you get rid of the used products. Additionally, if you’re working with a larger operation, we can supply you with dollies for heavy oil drums and other professional gear you may require.

Our extensive online catalog with an easy-to-use search function allows you to find the tools you need quickly and for the lowest prices. We even offer same-day shipping on most orders, so if you’ve been putting off that oil change until the last minute, we’ve got you covered. Adding quality lubrication equipment to your garage or workshop gives you confidence that your automotive tune-ups will keep your vehicle smoothly sailing the asphalt seas.