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No matter how much you love your vehicle, sometimes you just need to hit it with a hammer. Your desire to take a hammer to your car or truck can be brought on by the dents you got off-roading last weekend. Dents require more than hammer work to be removed completely, though, so StockWiseAuto.com sells a full array of the pull rods, body tool sets and picks needed to bring your vehicle's body back to smooth and perfect.

StockWiseAuto.com offers the glue sticks, welding studs and inflatable dent removers you need to get your car or truck back looking like you just pulled it off the lot. If you require something even more rugged, check out our offerings of dent pullers. We stock everything from heavy-duty dent pullers to vacuum suction discs because you never know what it's going to take to smooth out your bodywork. We even have a dent-pulling machine from Dent Fix Equipment for when you require heavy-duty dent removal.

When you're tired of looking at the dents on your vehicle, StockWiseAuto.com has what you need to get rid of them. All of our parts and equipment comes with a customer friendly and generous 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Most of our orders ship on the same day you place your order, so you never have to wait for what you need to complete your repairs.