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Adhesives are an ideal alternative to welding for automobile repair tasks such as joining in vehicle designs that use materials including plastics, coated steels, nonferrous metals and lighter gauge metals. Adhesives are necessary to build cars that can withstand crashes as well as vehicles that offer better handling and improved load distribution. Adhesive application is easy enough for anyone to handle and they are among the most cost effective products on the market.

The load bearing ability of adhesives make them critical to the structural integrity of your vehicle. Therefore, it is important to work with high quality products that will hold up against the heavy wear and tear that driving places on your car. You must also select the correct products for the specific tasks you are completing.

We make doing so easy with an online catalog that is easy to search. It takes the guesswork out of shopping for automobile parts and accessories. Simply click on the category of products you need. carries a full range of tools for adhesive application including seam sealers, trim adhesives, pillar foams, fiberglass, door bonding, bumper and plastic repair, fast cure and TPO plastics. Furthermore, we offer the lowest prices so that you can enjoy the savings that come with handling repairs yourself.