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Timken 415836 Multi Purpose Seal

Timken 415836 Multi Purpose Seal

Part Number: 415836
UPC: 053893459172
Weight: 0.36 lbs

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Warehouse: US-1

Product Information


Replacing the Multi Purpose Seal on your vehicle? The Timken 415836 is a genuine replacement, with the fit of an Original Equipment part. SEAL

Internal contamination exclusion system helps prevent debris penetration which may lead to leakage

Oil and grease seals from Timken feature precision sealing designs to prevent lubricant escape and stop harmful contaminants from entering

Reinforced outer case helps prevent installation damage and enhances durability

Ribbed rubber inner diameter designed to seal minor spindle imperfections and promote positive spindle seating

Vent holes allow lubricants to flow freely around the seal lip - cooling seal components and removing heat build-up



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