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Thexton 926 Wire Insertion Tool Kit

Thexton 926 Wire Insertion Tool Kit

Part Number: 926
UPC: 008721009265
Weight: 1.05 lbs

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Product Information


Thexton 926 Wire Insertion Tool Kit - Great for installing wires for audio electronics, aftermarket lighting, alarm systems, remote start and more. Long steel tube provides enough access to feed wires through the other side of the firewall, even in marine applications. Sharp point and solid handle allow the user to easily pierce through firewalls, rubber grommets, and panels. 3/8 tubing comes with a 35 bend which allows for more direction and control of pull-through wire. The supplied special tubing allows the user to feed the tubing through the tool and is crimpable. This allows the technician to crimp the new wire onto the pull through tubing, eliminating electrical tape bunches and messes.