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OTC Tools & Equipment 3415 CAN Test Box

OTC Tools & Equipment 3415 CAN Test Box

Part Number: 3415
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OTC Tools & Equipment 3415 CAN Test Box - Connect, detect, and monitor voltage and more Use this tool for diagnosing electrical faults and CAN bus line activity Check power and ground circuits, check active protocol lines, or connect a multimeter or oscilloscope for detailed signal analysis Connects between Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) and scan tool Detects data and protocol communication Monitors system voltage - Display and high/low alarm Connect leads for increased diagnosis, analysis, and monitoring Verify ECU activity LEDs at pin-out display signal detection, Flashing LEDs for ECU activity Monitoring of OBDII data lines Probe lines with scope or multimeter for detailed signal information Check & monitor battery voltage Continuous numeric display or voltage Alarm warning when voltage drops below 11.6v or rises above 15.2v