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Lincoln Industrial 1387 Rotary Fuel Pump

Lincoln Industrial 1387 Rotary Fuel Pump

Part Number: 1387
UPC: 095992101309
Weight: 24 lbs

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Product Information


Lincoln Industrial 1387 Rotary Fuel Pump - Professional Rotary Fluid-Transfer Pumps Features a graphite three-vane design for exceptionally smooth, uninterrupted flow and no-splash dispensing. The high-tolerance, micro-finished bore and vanes provide outstanding pump life. The pumps self-prime due to their outstanding vacuum. Include a professional super-duty, 8-foot, antistatic hose with a non-sparking aluminum nozzle and hanger. Applications for these pumps are numerous including; agriculture, heavy equipment, trucking/transport, construction, automotive and industrial. The pumps fit both 16-gallon and 55-gallon drums with 2-inch bungs and transfer 10 Gal/Min at 120 RPM with low-viscous fluids and 7 Gal/Min at 80 RPM with heavier oils.