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Kershaw Knives 1120 Taskmaster Shears

Kershaw Knives 1120 Taskmaster Shears

Part Number: 1120
UPC: 087171112008
Weight: 5.4 lbs

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Warehouse: US-1

Product Information


Kershaw Knives 1120 Taskmaster Shears - Theres a built-in nutcracker, a jar opener, a bone notch (also very handy when trimming flower stems), a lid lifter, and even two screwdriver tips, one in each handle Theyre great for tightening a loose screw in the kitchen cabinet without having to go to the garage to find a screwdriver Taskmaster Shears have one blade serrated so they can easily cut through even tough or fibrous materials A non-slip plastic over-mold on the handles makes them comfortable to use as well The blades separate for easy cleaning, then lock together easily and securely for use