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Filters are essential components to any vehicle, requiring routine maintenance and replacement to keep engines working at their best.

New, high-quality filters can improve acceleration, fuel economy and overall performance. When yours need replacement, purchase Fram engine filters. Fram has been trusted since 1934 and provides some of the world's best auto filters. 

From diesel trucks to modern sedans, Fram delivers industry-leading filtration technology and innovative solutions to keep your vehicle running like new. Whether you're a classic car lover or a professional mechanic, Fram filters will provide a dependable, long-lasting and effective filter that keeps your engine free from debris, dust or other pollutants. 

StockWise Auto is proud to supply Fram products online, with parts for models from Ford, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and Honda. We carry original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts, so explore our catalog and find the high-quality equipment you need to tackle repairs or replacements. 

A Company Legacy Like No Other

The original oil filter, made in 1923, was challenging to install, replace and clean. In 1932, two chemists invented an easily replaceable oil filter, hand-assembled in a laboratory in Rhode Island. Two years later, Fram incorporated and began producing 10 filters a day, beginning its journey to providing groundbreaking filters suitable across several industries. 

Fram has a rich history of displaying an unwavering commitment to its community, from employing women in their Greenville plant in the 1950s to launching its slogan, "Pay me now or pay me later," in the 1970s. Their dedication to their country earned them the Army-Navy "E" award, which recognized the company's excellence in production to aid the U.S. Military in World War II. This achievement was only awarded to 5% of production facilities. With over 85,000 at the time, this distinction set Fram apart. 

Fram meets the automotive industry's needs, holding the reputation of America's leading filter brand. The manufacturer produces a complete set of oil, air and cabin filters to keep contaminants out and ensure engines run at full capacity. 

Our Comprehensive Fram Filters Catalog

Replacing your worn-down filters is essential to keeping your engine firing on all cylinders. Use only the best. Fram's high-quality filters are manufactured using only the finest materials possible. 

Their dependable products offer a seamless installation process and the same fit as original equipment (OE) parts. Installing these premium parts in your vehicle will keep your internal components running cleanly, smoothly and efficiently to extend the engine's life span. Thanks to Fram's unique, cutting-edge quality control process and intuitive inspection equipment, you can count on the operation of these filters, ensuring they're ready to go when they reach your hands. 

StockWise Auto is a leading supplier of Fram filters online, supplying professionals and enthusiasts with the reliable components required for repairs and replacement projects. We maintain a thorough supply of Fram products, including: 

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When it's time to exchange and update any of your Fram auto filters, you can count on StockWise Auto to have the components you need to keep your ride performing at its best. Our years of experience have helped us build one of the most expansive inventories, brimming with the highest-quality Fram engine filters. We'll help you find the parts that aren't available in your local auto shops. 

Treat your car or truck to a breath of fresh air when you replace its used filters with a Fram model from StockWise Auto. Explore our stock and find the high-performance components your vehicle deserves. If you have any questions, reach out to our staff online today! 

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