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Dent Fix Equipment DF-PG213P Perfect Gap Gauge

Dent Fix

Brand:Dent Fix
Part Number: DF-PG213P
Weight: 1 lbs

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Product Information


Dent Fix Equipment DF-PG213P Perfect Gap Gauge - Setting the perfect gap width when aligning body panels and hoods just got a lot easier thanks to the DF-PG213 Perfect Gap Gauge from Dent Fix Equipment. No longer does the technician need to eye the appropriate width. Now with the DF-PG213, all the guess work is removed from the process allowing the technician to set the width to the factory specifications. The felt covered magnets provide a solid mounting point on steel panels and the reverse side has a suction cup for aluminum and plastic panels. After adjusting the horizontal bar, the appropriate number of gauge tabs can be positioned in between the gap. The gauge has 10 alternating black and white tabs, each tab is 1mm thick with a maximum gauge depth of 10mm. The Perfect Gap Gauge is the perfect tool for hood, trunk, and door alignment or panel replacement and fitment. Each package includes two Perfect Gap Gauges.