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Delphi Technologies is a leading producer of original equipment (OE) and aftermarket parts that improve driver experiences.

Not long after its founding, Delphi swiftly became a powerhouse that customers around the world could depend on. They were then purchased by one of the top 25 auto manufacturers in the world, BorgWarner, and continue to produce high-performance products today. 

Delphi auto parts are trusted in passenger and commercial vehicle applications, with the company offering a vast portfolio of components to address many different vehicle needs. They have a presence in more than 150 countries with over 2,750 service centers, extending assistance to auto enthusiasts and professionals in the industrial, agricultural and marine industries.

At StockWise Auto, we work hard to maintain an extensive supply of Delphi auto parts to ensure you can find the components you need to tackle your automotive projects. We stock everything from Delphi fuel pump strainers and fuel injection pumps to ignition control modules and vehicle speed sensors

Look through our comprehensive Delphi auto parts inventory and find what you need to complete your vehicle repair and restoration projects. 

Backed by a History of Success

Formerly called Delphi Automotive Systems, Delphi Technologies has more than 100 years of OE automotive heritage, beginning as a division within General Motors. After finding their footing on their own, they quickly became one of the world's leading aftermarket parts providers by offering end-to-end solutions that live up to OE specifications. 

Since the company's founding, Delphi has expanded its product offerings to include gasoline and diesel fuel systems, maintenance solutions, engine management products, vehicle electronics, and training, testing and diagnostic equipment. Delphi became the first OE manufacturer to create replacement airflow sensors for all makes of vehicles. They have also patented over 150 fuel modules and pump designs while creating more than 30 OE proprietary innovations. 

Delphi maintains one of the largest lines of ignition products, with over 20 types of OE ignition coils installed across 10 million vehicles in Europe alone. Their engineers are at the forefront of compressor technology as well, introducing their first compressor in the 1950s and improving it ever since. 

In 2020, BorgWarner acquired the company and led the team into the next chapter. With an industry-leading American automotive supplier, Delphi Technologies is on a mission to electrify the automotive industry. 

Our Delphi Parts Catalog

When you want your vehicle to perform as it did when you first drove it off the lot, you can count on Delphi car parts to get the job done correctly. The team behind these components has decades of experience working with the world's top automakers and developing a comprehensive product line that customers can trust. 

Delphi Technologies takes the time to invest in research and utilize premium materials and cutting-edge technology to manufacture reliable products. Every part undergoes thorough testing to ensure performance even in the harshest conditions. 

At StockWise Auto, we stock parts including Delphi fuel pumps, ignition coils and more. Some of our most popular products from Delphi Technologies include: 

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You'll always find what you're looking for when you shop with StockWise Auto. Search through our inventory and place your order today. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our supply. 

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