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Dayco dates back to 1905 and has since grown into a global leader focused on the development of original equipment(OE) and aftermarket products.

This organization has adopted a full-scale approach, taking care of the research, design, manufacture and distribution of its high-performance systems. 

This company has a longstanding history of working with some of the world's top automotive and industrial manufacturers. These partnerships have allowed them to create state-of-the-art products used within light-duty, heavy-duty, agricultural, off-highway and recreational vehicles. Throughout the years, Dayco has created a catalog brimming with high-performance, long-lasting auto parts to successfully and efficiently move customers forward. 

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A Commitment to Quality

With over 110 years of experience and 40 locations in 22 countries, Dayco has become a go-to nationwide automotive parts supplier. They began by creating residential garden hoses and have since shifted to put their stamp on the automotive world by working with some of the world's foremost automotive companies.

Dayco is known for its dedication to producing high-quality auto parts. Its engineers strive to deliver unparalleled engine economy, efficiency and performance while also decreasing the noise and vibration their products generate. To live up to these objectives, they have adopted a "zero defect" mindset, driving them to produce exceptional components that exceed customer expectations and adhere to their many certifications surrounding quality, environmental preservation and ideal business practices. 

As their team continues to grow and learn, their mission remains the same — to produce superior auto parts that aid hobbyists and professionals in accomplishing their automotive projects. 

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Your vehicle is only as good as the parts you install in it, so if you're striving to surpass the 200,000-mile marker with ease, you'll need to utilize the best products on the market. Dayco is a major global supplier of OEM and aftermarket parts for the automotive industry and an excellent source of components for your repair and maintenance needs. 

Auto aficionados and professionals rely on Dayco auto parts to enhance and solidify their vehicles. Dayco has invested significant portions of its capital into preserving top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities across the world, helping its engineers maintain a high standard of quality. These reliable parts see use in a variety of makes and models from automakers such as Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Pontiac and Buick

At StockWise Auto, we do our best to keep an updated catalog of Dayco belts, fuel filters, spark plug wire sets and more. Some of our most popular Dayco products include: 

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