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Solar FIT516 Ford Transmission Adapter Kit

Solar FIT516 Ford Transmission Adapter Kit

Part Number: FIT516
UPC: 010271019991
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Solar FIT516 Ford Transmission Adapter Kit - Several late model Ford vehicles (Explorer, Mountaineer and more) feature transmissions that do not have a dipstick. On such vehicles, how is the technician to check the ATF level to ensure it is properly filled? With this kit, the problem is solved, quickly, easily and cost-effectively. With the T-TECH Ford Transmission Adapter Kit, an oil suction gun and a few basic service tools, this difficult situation can be addressed. The kit allows the technician to determine if the proper fluid level exists and quick and easily correct vehicles with an over- or under-fill condition. The kit even includes 3 replacement drain plug center screws in case the one removed from the vehicle is lost during the service.