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Centric Parts is widely known as a pioneer in the braking industry, recognized for its dedication to innovation and quality for passenger vehicles, light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, and commercial vehicles.

This team is committed to innovation and driven to supply results that technicians, racing teams, performance professionals and auto enthusiasts can count on. 

StockWise Auto knows how important it is to use the best auto parts for your restoration and repair jobs. Explore our online inventory to get your hands on Centric's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. We stock everything from hydraulic hose sets to axle shaft repair bearings. 

Centric Parts Sets the Standard for Quality

Centric Parts began in 2000 with a strong focus on manufacturing aftermarket replacement parts for everyday use. Since then, it has shifted its direction, expanding further into the original equipment (OE) and performance markets with help from its racing division, StopTech. Under this ultra-performance brand, Centric's experienced engineers create cutting-edge brake parts and systems used within race cars on the street and track. 

This organization operates out of more than 1 million square feet of space across numerous facilities, run by over 850 passionate employees. Across the United States, Centric Parts conducts thoughtful research and design followed by hours of testing in the lab and on the track. This process ensures the auto parts live up to your expectations and exceed OE industry standards.

Centric Parts continues to utilize advanced technology to constantly improve its products. The company's design and process engineers, materials experts and metallurgists push the boundaries of performance. Centric has obtained countless awards and patents for its creations, including drive pin assemblies, brake pistons and rotors. 

StockWise Auto Has the Centric Parts Components You Need

Under the umbrella of APC Automotive Technologies, Centric Parts is a customer-facing brand that provides underbody auto parts for on- and off-road passenger vehicles, trucks and commercial fleets. It offers components compatible with the world's most famous companies, including Dodge, Mitsubishi, Acura, Honda, Jeep and Ford. 

At StockWise Auto, we understand relying on your local auto shops can be hit or miss, especially when dealing with rare or older vehicles. We maintain a complete supply of Centric Parts components online to help you find what you need, no matter what cars you're working on. Some popular parts we stock include: 

A Supplier Committed to Your Success

StockWise Auto believes that finding the parts you need for your automotive projects should be effortless. We aspire to make this dream a reality with the help of our intuitive technology, delivering real-time data and giving you vital information to make your search a breeze. 

On our website, you'll always know what's in stock with accurate pricing to find auto parts from Centric Parts that fit your budget. Plus, our updated fitment information allows you to match the product to your vehicle, so you can trust you're receiving hardware compatible with your automobile. 

We know you live a busy life. Between work, family and personal activities, you likely won't have time to spend hours searching for Centric's auto parts. With a few clicks, you can filter your search based on your vehicle's make, model and production year, gaining access to thousands of options ready to be installed. 

Whether you run a mechanics shop or are restoring a family car in your garage, we'll deliver the parts you need right to your location. While we keep our prices competitive and affordable, our GEARS program can help you keep those few extra dollars in your wallet by saving you 5% on future purchases. Plus, we offer many special promotions and additional discounts throughout the year. 

Place Your Order for Centric Products and Auto Parts Catalog Parts Today

Brakes are essential to your vehicle, helping you reach the 200,000-mile mark you've been dreaming about. With one of the most extensive Centric Parts online inventories, StockWise Auto is ready to offer you the Centric Parts braking components many local shops won't have. 

Explore our catalog and purchase the necessary parts for your next repair or restoration. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online today!