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The Bolty - 3D Printed Fidget Spinner

Bolty Fidget Spinner by StockWise 3D

StockWise 3D
Brand:StockWise 3D
Part Number: 0X539
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What is a Bolty?

The Bolty is a 3D Printed tinker thinker (better known as a fidget spinner) that takes the simple design of a nut and bolt but is big enough to fit in your hands! It goes great with a project car and moments when you have to stew on the fact that you've fixed this issue 3 times, but it's still not working. 

The Bolty is the perfectly portable, perfectly pleasing weighted fidget toy. With its mesmerizing colors and fascinating design, the Bolty is the perfect daily toy for helping you focus. It gives you a way to increase focus and manage stress. When you spin it or just play with it in your hands, it creates a mesmerizing effect that won't let you put it down!

Wait, its 3D Printed?

Yes! The Bolty is the first 3D Printed product from StockWise3D. All Bolty's are printed in house by us! Each Bolty is printed and checked for quality assurance before being packaged and shipped to you. We use the best quality printers and materials to make sure that each Bolty is printed at the same level of quality we expect! We usePrusa Printers, andPrinted SolidPLA Filament. 

All Bolty's are proudly made in the USA!

How the Bolty came to be

After working and learning about 3D printing over the last year, it has become a normal part of our live at StockWise Auto. One day, we had gotten a new printer, and printing a test print. This test print was a smaller nut and bolt toy to test the quality of printer. 

We found ourselves playing with it more and more, so we wanted to put our own spin on it.

8 versions later, we have the Bolty. 

Check back onShopTalksoon, where we will have a full write up about the growth of 3D Printing at StockWise Auto and the impact that lead to the creation of the Bolty. 


  • Color:Orange
  • Material:PLA
  • Weight:2.25 oz
  • Size:W 2.25in x H 2.25in x L 3.50in
    Printer:Prusa Mk3S, Prusa Mini+

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