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2018 Dodge Durango


The manual transmission in your Dodge Durango allows you shift down for more power when necessary, allowing you to handle large and small tasks with ease. Your manual transmission system is made up of a collection parts from the flywheel to the bearings that StockWiseAuto.com keeps in stock to help you keep your manual transmission running smoothly no matter where your day takes you.

When you take the time to do regular maintenance on your Dodge Durango manual transmission, you're ensuring that you get the maximum life out of your parts. Squeals and knocking noises when you push in the clutch pedal are signs that your clutch could need replacing, as could a burning smell. Don't take your transmission for granted; if you notice hoses leaking fluid replace them with premium aftermarket parts from StockWiseAuto.com before the loss of fluid causes serious damage to your vehicle.

StockWiseAuto.com knows that even the best-maintained vehicle has parts fail with no warning. To help you when your vehicle stops working, we stock all the parts you need to keep your manual transmission shifting gears smoothly no matter if you own a car or truck. Our online catalog allows you to easily search for the exact parts you need to make quick repairs and get back on the road. To help you with this, we offer same-day shipping on most of our orders.