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ACDelco 84502399 Audio Amplifier


Part Number: 84502399
UPC: 808709835424
Weight: 2.2 lbs

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Product Information


Replacing the Audio Amplifier on your vehicle? The ACDelco 84502399 is a genuine replacement, with the fit of an Original Equipment part.

An ACDelco GM Original Equipment Audio Amplifier is part of the audio system, and is a GM-recommended replacement for your vehicles original component. The purpose of the amplifier is to increase the power of a voltage or current signal. The output signal of an audio amplifier may consist of the same frequencies as the input signal or it may consist of only a portion of the frequencies, as in the case of a subwoofer or midrange speaker. The audio amplifier amplifies the signal and sends it to the appropriate speakers. Each of the audio output channel circuits (+ and ) at the audio amplifier have a DC bias voltage that is approximately one half of the battery voltage. The audio being played on the system is produced by a varying AC voltage that is centered around the DC bias voltage on the same circuit. The AC voltage is what causes the speaker cone to move and produce sound. Both the DC bias voltage and the AC voltage signals are needed for the audio system to properly produce sound. These original equipment audio amplifiers have been manufactured to fit your GM vehicle, providing the same performance, durability, and service life you expect from General Motors.

Get the GM quality you know and trust with ACDelco GM Original Equipment Electronics. Stay with the parts brand your vehicle came with and get peace of mind that the fit, form, and function is up to the high standards and specifications of General Motors. ACDelco GM Original Equipment Electronics are engineered for virtually every make and model of GM car, light duty truck, and sport utility vehicle. From key fobs, tire pressure sensors and components, antennas and components, amplifiers, and cables, ACDelco has your vehicles electronic equipment needs covered.

Features and Benefits:

  • GM-recommended replacement part for your GM vehicles original factory audio amplifier
  • Manufactured to GM OE specification for fit, form, and function
  • Offering the quality, reliability, and durability of GM OE
  • Provide a wonderfully rich listening experience in your vehicle

Manufacturer Warranty:

24 Month / Unlimited Mile Limited Warranty on parts sold on or after 04/01/18. (Parts Only) Please see ACDelco.com for more details.

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2.4L L4 Electric/Gas DOHC,
2.5L L4 Flex DOHC,
2.5L L4 Gas DOHC,
3.6L V6 Bi-Fuel DOHC,
3.6L V6 Flex DOHC,
3.6L V6 Gas DOHC

2.4L L4 Electric/Gas DOHC,
2.5L L4 Flex DOHC,
2.5L L4 Gas DOHC,
3.6L V6 Bi-Fuel DOHC,
3.6L V6 Flex DOHC,
3.6L V6 Gas DOHC