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3M Company 16135 PPS Adapter 40

3M Company 16135 PPS Adapter 40

3M Company
Brand:3M Company
Part Number: 16135
UPC: 051131161351
Weight: 0.15 lbs

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Product Information


3M Company 16135 PPS Adapter 40 - Adapter converts the following paint spray guns for use with the 3M Paint Preparation System, and other paint spray guns that require Trapezoidal Thread: Sagola 4400 Xtreme SATAjet 100 BF HVLP QCC SATAjet 100 BF RP QCC SATAjet 100 BP QCC SATAjet 2000 HVLP QCC SATAjet 2000 RP QCC SATAjet 3000 HVLP QCC SATAjet 3000 B HVLP QCC SATAjet 3000 RP QCC SATAjet 3000 B RP QCC SATAjet 4000 B HVLP QCC SATAjet 4000 RP QCC Thread Description: Trapezoidal Thread