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3M 37852 3M Dirt Trap Protection Material

3M 37852 3M Dirt Trap Protection Material

3M Company
Brand:3M Company
Part Number: 37852
UPC: 051131378520
Weight: 14 lbs

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Product Information


Engineered for a Cleaner Shop: Developed to trap dust, dirt and paint overspray (PDF, 1.3 Mb), our 3M Dirt Trap Protection Material reduces labor and costs related to continuous removal of paint and dirt from high traffic areas in your collision repair shop. Unlike common floor protection paper or wall protection sheets, it features a non-woven surface specially engineered to trap dust, dirt, paint particles and other airborne contaminants. This helps to control dust in the air and prevent overspray from settling on walls or floors. The material applies quickly and easily, and a low tack adhesive backing keeps it in place even in high traffic areas. You can also use it to help protect other areas and equipment in the shop such as table tops, paint scales, paint mixing rooms, prep bay areas and more. Wall and Floor Protection Made Easy: Our Dirt Trap Protection Material is available in rolls up to 56 inches wide to fit a range of room sizes with a minimum of product waste. Technicians simply unroll the material from portable Wall Applicator (PN 36866), Floor Applicator (PN 36865) or Dirt Trap Material Dispenser (PN 36862). Applicators feature foam rollers that adhere and smooth the material as it unrolls, and the material can also be easily applied from a dispenser using a squeegee. When the material is ready for replacement, simply peel it off and apply a new layer. And the white color of the dirt trap material creates a brighter shop environment for customers, and increases visibility for technicians it's much easier to find dropped nuts, bolts or small hardware. The Science of Staying Clean: Our Dirt Trap Protection Material showcases how solid science can create a cleaner, more efficient shop. From its non-woven construction engineered by 3M specifically to trap dust and other airborne particles to its low tack adhesive backing that keeps it solidly in place yet allows for easy peel-off removal, this material delivers simple solutions that make it easy to get the most out of your shop today and for the future.